Norrman skriver brev till Politiet om muhammedanernas heliga koran

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The Quran case.

I tried to send you a mail 2 days ago, but I am a place in Asia where the connection is bad, and my small pad got a hickup, so I do not know if it reached you. Therefore I repeat:

I have been informd that you have received the notification to the police concerning texts in the Quran which according to Norwegian laws are from unlawful to strongly unlawful. The case itself is very obvious, because the texts are very clear, and the proofs most easy to find. If you ask one of your lawyers to read the Quran, he will find at least:


A. 1ooo points directly or indirektly promoting racism and/or apartheid based on religion – likely more than 1ooo.
B. Some points promoting racism based on gender – women are low quality, and should obey their men.
C. 300+ points glorifying suppression of and violence against all “infidels” – see “Verses of War in the Quran”, Amazon.
D. 300+ points directly promoting or demanding the same – see the same book. ALL methods permitted (f.x. 9/5, 71/26).
E. As all methods are permitted (fx. 9/5), this includes terrorism (f.x. Hadith, al-Bukhari 4-52-220).
F. Some 25 points legalising or promoting killing of “infidels”.
G. At least 4 points (8/69, 23/6, 33/50, 70/30) indirectly, but clearly legalising rape of female slaves and captives (included girl children).
H. Then there is child sex. This is not directly legalised in the Quran, but the book has no lower age limit for sex with girl children, and Muhammad’s sex with Aishah “documents” that Allah permits it. This combined with the verse in the Quran saying that you shall not prohibit what Allah permits, at least makes the point doubtful compared to Norwegian law.
I. Some 10 points legalising or even promoting stealing/looting (f.x. 8/1, 8/69, 48/15) – a strong inciatment for the warriors to go on raids or wars, and for non-Muslims to become Muslims (Islam did not start growing until after they started stealing caravans, etc.)
J. 20% of everything stolen/robbed or extorted and slaves taken to Allah/the leader (8/41). I guess that 20% of everything stolen and slaves taken belong to the gouvernment, also is not in accordance with Norwegian laws.
K. A number of points leaglising or even promoting the use of lies and even breaking or disuse of oaths – f.x. 2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 – in many situations. Also this is conflicting Norwegian laws, at least when used against our authorities to get permission to stay, or to get money from NAV/the state.
Like said: A very obvious and easy to prove case. I also remind you of your words, that for the police it is both a right and a duty to investigate when they are informed about possible crimes. And about your clear statement that the sentence “We do all kinds of Negro work” is so rasistic, that it has to be punished” – MANY more rasistic texts in the Quran, and some of them are FAR worse. And then there is the violence and the dishonesty in addition.
There also is the proved fact that the book’s harsh words have effect. Experience from all over the world and through 1400 years of history documents this – f.x. the double murder now in Morocco, which easily may be inspired by verses like 9/5, 71/26 and others.  The case thus is a most urgent and serious one, which costs lives and misery every year..
But I understand that as the “opponent” is strong and dangerous, it is a distasteful case. But are strong and dangerouse groups above Norwegian laws?
There also is the complication that Islam is a religious group, but the question is the same: Are big religious groups above Norwegian laws? (If the group had been a small sect, the Quran had been prohibitted long time ago.)
But if part of the reason is the rules for religious freedom and/or the strength and danger from this religious group, I remind you of the proofs for that it is not true that the Quran and Islam are from a god. F.x. no god makes 2400 or more errors and contradictions in his holy book = the Quran is made up by somebody else = Islam proveably is a made up “religion = a superstition. (Most or may be all religions are, but for Islam and the Quran there are srrong proofs – f.x. “The 13 Proofs” or “1000+ Mistakes in the Quran”.)
Well, I find the case a most interesting one, and please send me the case number (by mail). I will also appreciate to be informed on what happens. I think both th public and I have the right to know both what happens and why.
If the case is dropped without an explanation, that will tell much. Better is that if the case is dropped, an explanation is given – people deserve and have a right to know if the politicans and the police accept that a strong group and/or a religious group are above Norwegian laws, or if there are special laws or rules giving them rights to ignore normal Norwegian laws. Not to mention: Are groups based on proved superstition above Norwegian laws? – at least if they are big and poverful and dangerous?
By the way: The politicians and the police should also teach people how to nullify the effect of the Quran’s racistic and anti-integration incitements.

Martin A. Engeset
Home address:
Engesetv. 135
N-6153 Oersta
PS: There have been questions asking if it is ok to republish parts of or the whole of this letter. It is very ok to do so.
It seems that the Quran may be breaking laws also in other cluntries – legalising discrimination, racism based on religion, etc., and crime, included suppreasion, violence and killing, in far too many cases. It seems that some would like to try a similar process like in Norway, at least in order to clarify what laws and rules there are, permitting Islam to break normal laws (no other religion does, at least not to a notisable degree).

FjärranÖsternRedaktören väntar med spänning på ett svar från den Norska Polisen, frågeställningen är ju extra aktuell i Norge nu, efter att de mordiska muslimerna i Marocko mördat en Norsk o en Dansk flicka.



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