Left and right does not know any dialogue.

I just read this interesting article in a German ”alternative” media channel:


Here a couple of statements translated into English:

I advocate that we should no longer take part in the stupid political “butt geography” but instead leave the ”left and right” prison of thoughts. Whoever joins in the “butt geography”, remains trapped in it.

I can live with the classification of Rainer Zitelmann: “Since the terms” left ”and” right ”exist, there are always some smart ones, that tell us that these are terms of yesterday, that they are since long obsolete.” However, I don’t claim that the terms left and right since long are obsolete but that they have always been misleading, by saving its followers from political thinking, as ”brands” that relieve the consumers from their own independent assessment of products.

No, left and right do not mark a political position between which – even intellectually – a dialogue could take place, a debate would be possible. No, who places herself/himself ”on the left” or ”on the right”, has consciously and / or unconsciously classified the others as incapable of a dialogue.

Just as Rosa Luxemburg put it, people considered capable of debating are only to be found within the own group. The other side is to be ”fought”. The debating is only about how to best fight the enemy.

3 responses to “Left and right does not know any dialogue.

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