Google, PayPal, … : Talking about double standards

You also probably have noted how some material is blocked and some not on Internet as well as how PayPal payments can be done to some recipients and some not.

I wouldn’t object against this if not double standards are applied and that we really are talking about highly questionable material/organizations (that e.g. calls for war and the killing of people).

The double standards are applied by e.g. Google and PayPal as well as by company Firewalls which seem also to consider some “external” black list (since I can’t imagine that my colleagues in IT have the time to check all Internet pages to decide what is OK and what not).

When it comes to Google the search results are also twisted (not only a matter of blocking some pages): Try e.g. to search for ”slavery started”, “slavery ended” and you will ~ only find entries about the start and the end of the transatlantic slave trade and slavery in US. However, we know that slavery is as old as mankind and still exists.

Not well know is also: That the Arabs massively dominated the African slave trade and their very brutal practice of castrating the male slaves through which most of them died. Also not that it was the British that paid a high price for stopping the Atlantic slave trade.

Below I will give some examples that I came across during the last couple of days:

Not blocked (@home, @work):

Not blocked (@home):


Blocked (PayPal):

I guess it would not be difficult to come up with millions of examples of illogical blocking/non-blocking.

What are your experiences?


Instead of using PayPal I could instead use my credit card to make a donation to #defendeurope. I wrote to PayPal and they answered but didn’t give any information why they had blocked that recipient.

PayPal blocking commented by Martin Sellner (in German):


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