US – White Perpetrators, Black Victims?

Der Spiegel was once upon a time a renowned German magazine but that was at least 10 years ago. Today its level is as low as the vast part of “mainstream” media, dishonest and without any courage.

Some may call Der Spiegel insane but since Der Spiegel were well know its own narrative, it wouldn’t be the right term.

Just one out of endless examples, White Perpetrators, Black Victims?

In the US, 987 people were shot during police operations last year. This according to an article in Washington Post:, which Spiegel Online:, refers to.

However, already quite some years ago Der Spiegel said goodbye to the motto ”Spiegel readers know more”.

Significant is what information is not mentioned in the article and which is deliberately distorted.

The reader is told that 22 percent of all those shot were black men, even though they make out only six percent of the US population. The trick that Spiegel Online applies here becomes obvious when you look at another example: 100 percent of all deaths from prostate cancer are male – even though men make up only 50 percent of the population. 100 percent of all deaths from cervical cancer are female – although women make up only 50 percent of the population.

Almost all the people shot are criminals

Why is that important? Because 95% of the ones shot were men. It would be more accurate to point out that 22 percent of those shot are black people, who make up 12 percent of the US population. By excluding the women from the statistics, the impression is that blacks are shot four times more often than non-blacks, but in fact they are shot twice more often than non-blacks.

One may recognize racism in this mismatch. But the explanation is much simpler. Almost all of the people shot were criminals – and blacks are more likely to be criminal than whites. In absolute terms, 457 whites and 223 blacks died. Spiegel Online points out that even unarmed persons were shot – but does not mention the number of armed persons. 782 people shot were armed – with firearms, stabbing weapons or blunt objects. That’s about 80 percent.

The term ”unarmed” suggests that a person is innocent or harmless. But most unarmed people already had a long criminal history record, or attacked the police with pure physical strength. This is exemplified by the case of Jean Pedro Pierre. On a published video you can see him knocking down a policeman and kicking him several times before being shot by a second policeman.

The narrative of the racist white policeman

Already in earlier years, Der Spiegel kept away information from its readers in similar cases to fuel the narrative of the racist white policeman. Thus, in the case of the death of Philando Castile it was concealed that the police officer was a Latino.

The police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who allegedly raped several black women according to a court in Oklahoma, was shown only with his head bowed, so that his Asian descent was hidden from the reader.


Something more related to Der Spiegel. Sibylle Berg one of its ”journalists” wrote here:

,  this, calling for resp. justifying violence:

”Vielleicht ist der Schwarze Block, die jungen Menschen der Antifa, die Faschisten mit dem einzigen Argument begegnen, das Rechte verstehen, die einzige Bewegung neben einem digital organisierten Widerstand, die eine Wirkung hat.”

”Perhaps the Black Block, the young people of the Antifa who confront fascists with the only argument that ”right people” understands, the only movement besides digitally organized resistance that has an effect.”


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