Identitarian Movement – a call for support

The Identitarian Movement has gained some considerable strength in the German speaking part of Europe, in Austria and Germany though not yet so much in Switzerland. One of the successful operations that they were behind was the successful #defendeurope mission. What I would be glad to see is that its influence get strengthened and that this movement is quickly being spread more and more, also to other countries and regions of Europe and beyond.

What EU especially in the later years have been doing besides driving the open border against the rest of the world (with no control) policy as well as cracking down on free speech is to steal more and more of the identity of the individual European peoples but also of their identity of being Europeans. This theft has mainly taken place through the since decades ongoing mass immigration of people with completely different not compatible cultural heritage impossible to integrate into the European culture(s) which robbed/robs us of vast resources and brought/brings the peoples of Europe immense suffering.

The aim of this is nothing but pure evil since the EU aristocrats know that the more the peoples of Europe lose their identity resp. their roots and cultures the weaker and more divided they will become.

The easier they can be manipulated, conquered and ruled, sacrificing Europe and all with it solely for their own aim which is the constant grab of more power and control but also of wealth. The national parliaments will so become even more than today lame ducks.

However, the day will come when this upper class will have to convert to Islam to stay in power or even to stay alive. Though knowing that, that day will come (for them resp. also for them) doesn’t make me happy by any means since then it well be too late to save at least something of Europe, its peoples and its cultures which I all love. I see it as my right to fight for what I love but even more I see it as my duty.

Because of this I see it as extremely important that this and similar movements are further strengthen and that quickly since they are still very weak, economically and in the number of activists and supporters, in a comparison with the often state financed Islamic and leftist movements/organisations/political-parties and time is quickly running out.

The activists and supports of the Identitarian movement are often which is no surprise confronted with empty accusations of being racists or whatsoever. On their German homepage they communicate their views and also reply to some of these accusations.

It is up to every one of us to grab (or not grab) the chance of supporting this movement in one or the other way. Personally I already made my decision and support them and also supported the #defendeurope mission (economically and in other ways).

German homepage:


I will soon be back writing more about this international movement. e.g. I will translate parts of the German homepage in order to share what they stand for and do to a wider audience.

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