Sharia kapitalism

Denna bok (av Sascha Adamek) verkar interessant (därför beställde jag nu den):”

Sharia capitalism: We finance the struggle against our freedom ourselves.

Amazon beskrivning och ett par recensioner översatta från Tyska till Engelska:

Amazon description:

Radical Islamism sees itself as the mortal enemy of the West and its way of life. It is therefore unbelievable how German companies, associations and politicians can make a joint cause with representatives of this world view.

With this book, the journalist Sascha Adamek presents the first comprehensive research on the direct and indirect links between German actors and the supporters of the violent Islam. For example, Germany’s trade balance with states whose legal system is predominantly based on the Sharia is 64 billion euros, including numerous exports of arms. The list of revelations ranges from German companies with Islamic participants to the machinations of the German arms lobby to the entanglements of politics. At the same time Adamek takes a look at mosque communities, associations and foundations in Germany supported by radical Saudi Arabian and Turkish donors. In the end there is a frightening realization: We are financing the fight against our freedom!

This book focuses on a market segment of the global economy, which is particularly explosive for our societies: trade with countries that have declared radical Islam not only as a state religion, but also export it all over the world. Some of our billionaire business partners from the Middle East finance extremists and terrorists, who have nothing less in mind than to blow up our social order. The book reveals the economic framework for a disastrous mechanism: thanks to huge billions of business and investments, we are empowering individuals, organizations and even states to fight us. Their donations for fundamentalist welfare associations are also linked to radical mosque movements in the West, or even terrorist groups. The West invests in the increase of its capital and buys danger: the danger to the social fabric of our liberal societies. And in times of terror, life for all of us. Sharia capitalism stands for the many varieties of this ominous business.

Customer review 1 – Good analysis and research.:

At the latest when the decision to host the World Cup in Qatar was taken, but also through many other connections with the Muslim world, it becomes clear how the repercussions of certain investments will work. Money from the business partners often flows into problematic counter-productions, which the author writes as follows: ”While the industrialized worlds are increasingly interwoven with Islamic states on the one hand, these states do not refrain from exporting their concept of the Islamic religion to our hemisphere.”

Translated into the language of the investors, Sascha Adamek names the danger: ”We invest in the increase, of our capital and buy risk.” Everywhere money flows, unfiltered and invisible, the risks with this for liberal and free societies are obvious. Groups that are especiallay not well-off resp. targeted ”when it comes to this unholy deals/coalition” are: disbelievers, atheists, homosexuals, and all who criticize an ideology that buys the influence of money in the West without, for example, signing the declaration of democracy or freedom of religion.

The book explores the processes outlined at the outset, based on a large number of areas (see preview), and can be based on specific cases that are very well researched. It goes all the way to the tourist fair, where he asks travelers to the Maldives for certain laws that apply there. Actually, the whole thing reads like a thriller and the author finally comes up with good suggestions on how to make the whole thing so as to curb problems.

The limits of interpretation always go where I am judging the reformability of Islam. I have a different opinion from the author, who hopes for the secular Muslims, to curb and repress the radical interpretations of Islam. It may be that there are aspirations here and even partial successes are achievable. However, the view of all analysts must always go to those countries in which Islam has a majority. Search online for Catalonia, Islamism.

Customer review 2 – a very explosive and courageous book!:

What Sascha Adamek presents here is a very brave book!

He describes the relations of capitalist states to states which are based on the Sharia. There are not only worlds in between, but systems collide with one another which are not suitable for peaceful coexistence.

”At the center of this book is the money – money, the ideology, the religious madness, but also the weapons, the money that allows people to take up arms, the money that Middle Eastern and European patrons are willing to spend to fight against ours Kind to live. ” Admittedly, this sounds a bit thick, but the author has examples with which he proves his introductory sentences very well. When reading this book one can get really feared and I wonder: What do our politicians do?

Adamek hopes for the Muslim associations and individuals who are willing to reform. I’ve been hoping for that for years. I know there are not many, but there is. My hope, however, disappears from terror attack to terror attack when from their side (”the reformers”) once again I hear nothing.

This book reads like a thriller. Investigator Adamek reveals. But we are here in a real survival struggle that has already begun for years. Very well, I can imagine: If our politicians do not change their policies, there will be new political earthquakes in Germany and Europe!

Who values a future with our western values,  must read this book!!!

Customer review 3 – Exciting and thoroughly researched, no xenophobic polemic.:

The book deals with an extremely important and, unfortunately, little illuminated subject, the influence of so-called ”Shariah States” on the West through different channels, in particular the financial-economic. The book reads well in spite of the complex matter, the motive of the author is not the uncritical defense of a ”Christian West” against foreign influences or the like, but the critical confrontation with democracy-threatening and anti-human-minded thoughts.



2 responses to “Sharia kapitalism

  • Mm

    Det gör de inte alls, parasiter lever på andra och det är vad allt går ut på. Muslimer är världsbäst på att tränga ut fredliga folk med allsköns lurendrejeri och våld. Blåsa de korkade kristna, plocka dem på pengar för att de skall få fortsätta leva i det land som tillhört dem långt före M gubben kom på att han skulle apa efter judarna och deras religion samt ta några figurer från judendomen och göra dem till sina heliga. Fint att skriva Koranen så man kan syssla med pedofili helt öppet och lagligt.


    • Ulli

      ”Det gör de inte alls, parasiter lever på andra och det är vad allt går ut på.”

      Vad som påstås ovan resp. i boken är: ”Sharia capitalism: We finance the struggle against our freedom ourselves”

      Att ”våra” storföretag, politiker och media sedan länge har ”gått i säng” med stater som Saudi Arabien, Qatar, RTurkiet med flera islamistiska stater är uppenbart.
      En viss ekonomisk vinning kan också gemene kvinna/man ses attt ha av detta med tanke på exportvolymerna.
      Dock gemene kvinna/man är även kortsiktigt förlorare med tanke på de direkta och indirekta kostnader som följt i islamiseringens spår.
      Lite mer långsiktigt lurar en ~ totalförlust för gemene (västerländsk) kvinna/man, inte bara ekonomiskt utan det handlar om förlust av de västerländska kulturerna och en skräckfylld framtid (som vi redan till en inte obetydlig del ser redan nu i nutid) för framtida generationer.


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