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Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption with EU

Afghan masturbates on bus later appointed by Swedish govt

”Sanity4Sweden” reports:

Why Germany still has not formed a new government

”Red Pill Germany” reports:

Muslim women just victims of Islam? Think again!

  • ”My mother said that Arabs are born to hate Jews.” — Abdelghani Merah (brother of Mohamed Merah, a French Muslim terrorist who murdered seven people), speaking on French television.

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Poland Did Nothing Wrong

Polen firade sin independence day, det ogillades bl.a. av Morgan Johansson (som svensk skäms jag inför mina polska underbara vänner):


Den förhatade Sanningen

Den som öppet talar sanning i dagens Europa är den som får problem, riskerar att förlora sitt jobb och mer.

Efter att Thomas Rauscher, docent i juridik vid universitetet i Leipzig, tvittrat följande hotas han av disciplinära åtgärder (översatt till svenska):

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Last week in Islamic terror (11/15/2017)

The self-hate of whites

Asking People If This New York Times Headline Is Racist?


The Real Victims of ”Islamophobia”

  • Local authorities, police, teachers and MPs have all been working with MEND even though the organization ”meets the government’s own definition of extremism” and ”has regularly hosted illiberal, intolerant and extremist Islamist speakers… has openly sought to undermine counter-terrorism legislation and counter-extremism efforts, in addition to having its own links to extremists…”
  • Despite meeting the government’s definition of an extremist group, MEND is nevertheless organizing a number of events for ”Islamophobia Awareness Month” at British universities.
  • One can think of other issues that are more deserving of an ”awareness month” in the UK, especially because many of the people affected by those issues have suffered the consequences of the British obsession with ”Islamophobia”.

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One week in Sweden by Fjordman

  • In Sweden, car-burnings are not major news anymore; they have become a part of daily life. Cars are torched in Swedish towns on a regular basis.
  • Between January and September 2017, Sweden experienced 6000 car-burnings. That equals roughly 22 car fires per day. Schools and other buildings are sometimes targeted by arsonists as well.
  • Meanwhile, a report claims that Swedish students and other citizens have been pushed to the back of the public-housing queue. The authorities thus sometimes prioritize recently-arrived asylum seekers and immigrants over the country’s native population.

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