The Rational Climate e-Book

Patrice Poyet har precis publicerat en ny e-bok med 431 sidor med titeln The Rational Climate e-Book, den är gratis att ladda ner här . Dr Poyet studerade geokemi, fjärranalys och datavetenskap vid Ecole des Mines de Paris / Nice University. Han tog sin doktorsexamen 1986. Som en expert datormodellare spenderar han mycket av boken på att utvärdera klimatdatormodeller och avslöjar deras ofta osäkra underliggande antaganden.

Naturligtvis är också ”KlimatGudinnan” Greta T omnämnd i boken, han noterar att hon uttalar sig mer tvärsäkert  en självaste Albert Einstein

4.4. Climate Activists, Environmentalists and Malthusians
Climate activists, even though they have not even been to school as they are too busy teenagers testifying before the
U.S. Congress or attending the UN Climate Action Summit, know better than scientists who have studied earth and
planetary sciences, computer sciences and much more for their entire life and who dissent the «consensus». As
unbelievable as it is, one must listen to Thunberg (2019) chastise world leaders and decide that science has been settled
for more than 30 years. What does she know about science? Can someone tell me! Invited by the United Nations,
Thunberg, born in 2003, has the gall when she has benefited of the best conditions of living that mankind has ever had
these last 2 million years thanks to the hard work and intelligence of so many previous generations, she has the gall to
declare to the world: «How dare you ? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet I’m
one of the lucky one, people are suffering, people are dying, dying ecosystems are collapsing, we are at the beginning of
a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money, the fairy tales of economic growth, how dare you continue to
look away ? … For more than 30 years the Science has been crystal clear, how dare you continue to look away, etc. »
(Thunberg, 2019).
Of course, she understands science better than Einstein (1919) who knew «the truth of a theory can never be proven»
and Thunberg has decided that the matter is crystal clear and settled! Who else would dare to oppose such a savvy
analysis. What a difference one century can make!


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