GB/UK or Sweden and the alike vs. Poland

My comment:

No doubt in which country I would prefer my children to grew up in.

Economically the northern and western european countries are still ahead of the eastern european countries. However, in quality of life no longer.

A polish computer science colleague just told me the other day that he will move back to Poland with his family. One technologic boomtown in Poland is Wroclaw (Breslau). Especially many foreign software companies as well as banks (IT outsourcing) have invested and are investing heavily in that polish town/region (Schlesien).

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  1. Det första klippet är från sophögen bolton i Uk, så förfärligt att jag saknar ord. FULT OCH FULT och åter fult dessutom där som en inpackad mussekärring föll ihop på stan, det visade sig att hon hade lepra.
    Nu var det torr lepra som inte smittosam som den andra variaten !!!!!


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